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Reduce Costs & Program by Working with Plan B Comms

One Plan B Comms feasibility study saved our client over $500K and 50% off the construction program!

Reduce costs and program by working with Plan B Comms on your Telecommunication Relocation Projects. We have recently completed an extensive telecommunications relocation project as part of the Boundary Road widening works in Armstrongs Creek.

Plan B Comms were engaged to: administer application management, design and Project Manage all relocation works. Our initial brief was to relocate over 1.5km of existing underground telecommunication assets which involved all three telco carriers – NBN, Telstra and Opticomm.

During the planning process, Plan B Comms conducted a feasibility assessment and identified a more efficient solution for the client. The recommendation to complete the project as one, rather than a two-staged project as originally planned, would not only be cost-effective but significantly reduce construction time frames.

Combining the projects resulted in removing, relocating and reinstating over 3km of existing underground telecommunication assets that were obstructing current and future road boundaries.

The Solution.

Project Management and delivery of existing telecommunications assets can be complex and often present a myriad of challenges. By working with the Plan B Comms team our clients can rely on our long-standing relationships, technical knowledge and unrivalled expertise.

  • Plan B Comms work closely with the three Telco carriers – NBN, Telstra and Opticomm, and intimately understands each carrier’s individual technical standards.
  • Our longstanding relationships with each of the carriers also allow us to work closely with them to ensure that seasonal embargoes do not interfere with project completion dates.
  • Plan B Comms consider and coordinate existing and future telecommunications assets required for individual lots and for future stages during the relocation project, rather than having to deal with this infrastructure at a later date.
  • In order to minimise disruption and reduce program time and costs for our client, Plan B Comms consider all assets and contractors including; Civil, Water, Gas and Landscapers, during the communications design process to ensure clearances can be achieved.

The Result.

By working with the Plan B Comms experts, our client saved over $500,000 and reduced construction timeframes by 50% (from 12 months to 6 months)

Plan B Comms forms part of the Plan B Group which offers unmatched expertise, technical knowledge and experience to exceed expectations and deliver successful telecommunication relocation projects – if you want the same results, you need Plan B Comms.

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Read the lastest Roads and Infrastructure article for more information on how Plan B Comms team can significantly reduce costs and your program for your next telecommunications relocation project, email Harrison Kelly or call (03) 9501 2055

Reduce Costs - Plan B Comms Relocation Works


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