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Meet the Newest Member of the Plan B Group

The Plan B Group has hit its stride as Melbourne’s leading electrical engineering and communications consultancy. Yet over the course of 15 years of delivering innovative, industry-leading services to a growing list of happy clients, we realised we had outgrown our original website, and it was time for an overhaul.

‘Now, new website announcements don’t always make for the most exciting of news bulletins.
We get it. It’s usually the people that put them together that get the most excited’

But when you get a spare moment we would love you to take a look at our shiny new addition, and not just because it ‘drives’ a whole lot better than our old one, but it now clearly tells the story of who we are, a more detailed service offering including an outline of our Plan B Auditing service, and the values that underpin our business objectives.

Plan B Website Update

Our new-look homepage.


We can more easily share with you industry news updates and insights into what’s going on behind the scenes at the Plan B office and from time to time little ‘brag’ pieces on our talented Plan B team as they achieve both professional and personal development milestones.

There is a bit of background on what makes Plan B such a great place to work, and why we have a staff retention rate well above the national average and how our ‘character over competence’ approach when it comes to staff appointments has created a company culture that is the envy of many.

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